Man in Oriental Clothing

The gold standard in art presentation with superior vibrancy and detail. Our most popular product and what we're known for. We use the handmade face mount method to achieve gallery quality. See more..
1/4" (+...)
1/2" (+...)
The diamond polished edge is included in the price of the 1/2" acrylic product.
Anti-Glare (+...)
Trulife (+...)
Anti-Glare and Trulife acrylic is only availble in 1/8" acrylic. If you want one of those options please choose 1/8" acrylic above.
Metallic (+...)
You won't find these beautifully hand sanded and stained bamboo prints anywhere else. Each bamboo wall art is 3/4" thick, floats off the wall and provides a stunning eco-friendly option. See more..
Metallic (+...)
The bamboo print floats 3/4" off the wall with kiln dried doug fir wood with hanging wire attached in between.
Price includes elegant aluminum subframe and french cleat hanging system. Floats 3/4" from wall.
Sorry, online orders are restricted to 30" and below on the smallest dimension (or 30x30" for square). Please contact us for a larger print and we'll do a resolution check and ship quote for you.
Solid White
Solid Black
The canvas prints don't float, but rather sit flush against the wall. The price includes a dust cover for a finished look and a sawtooth hanger.
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Metallic (+...)
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  • All art is handcrafted in Seattle and is gallery quality
  • The sizes you can order online are based on the aspect ratio with no cropping.  Contact us if you need a custom size not offered.
  • Highest quality materials used including inkjet pigment inks for the longest lasting prints (with the exception of Chromaluxe metal print which is dye sublimation). 
  • Comes ready to hang with wire (we provide quick hang hook) and floats of the wall 3/4" for a modern, floating appearance.
  • Most orders arrive within 2 weeks - a bit less for West Coast, bit more for East Coast
  • Rush production and shipping options available
  • Packages are nearly bullet proof with professional art packaging.. but if something goes wrong every package is insured and you receive a replacement right away.

“Man in Oriental Clothing” by Rembrandt van Rijn is a captivating oil painting created around 1632. The artwork depicts a richly dressed man wearing a lavish oriental costume, characterized by its intricate patterns and vibrant colors. This piece exemplifies Rembrandt’s masterful use of light and shadow, known as chiaroscuro, which brings depth and realism to the subject. The painting is noted for its detailed textures and the dignified, contemplative expression of the man, reflecting Rembrandt’s keen observation and skillful portrayal of human emotion and exotic attire. This work is a testament to Rembrandt’s fascination with Eastern cultures and his ability to blend them into his distinctive Baroque style.

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