Markus Reugels Water Drop Photography.. How Does He Do It?

A big reason for creating ArtPrinstopia was to provide another outlet for artists all over the world who are doing extraordinary, unique work, but are largely unrecognized.    The work of Markus Reugels perfectly embodies the kind of artist who is creating art outside the lines of ordinary and captures the spirit of this project.  Something that makes you say wow, that’s different.. that’s beautiful.  How did he do that?

I came across the beautiful work of Markus Reugels on accident while reading another article.  I was immediately captivated by what appeared to be incredibly delicate blown glass sculptures at first glance, but in fact were meticulously crafted water drops captured at just the right moment.  I immediately contacted Markus and he agreed to allow me to feature his work here.  Currently, is the only place in the world where you can purchase his work as prints mounted to bamboo, acrylic or raw aluminum.  These prints look extraordinary using our modern mounting techniques and I’m thrilled Mark is showcasing his work here.

So how does Markus create these shots?  Suffice it to say, you won’t be creating these at home anytime soon.  The system Markus has setup is quite elaborate and has taken time to perfect.  Even then, each shot requires lots of patience and a little dash of luck!  It’s probably best to let Markus describe his process.  Fortunately, there is a great video demonstrating it.  You might also like to check out this article over at Fast Company.

You can order Markus Reugel prints here (including metallic paper) in addition to having the prints mounted to bamboo, acrylic or aluminum for a stunning, gallery quality display.

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