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Over the past five years or so there has been a significant shift in the art world with an increasing number of online galleries selling prints at relatively affordable prices.  Not only does this open up the art world to a much larger audience allowing many more people to enjoy original art in their homes, but it creates a much bigger market for artists to reach customers and sell prints of the their original work.  While some artists aren’t comfortable with the business side of art, in the end it’s the sale that allows them to continue to do what they love!   At no other time in history has their been so much opportunity and flexibility for an artist to sell their work.  Want to offer a limited edition run of prints traditionally framed?  There are sites for that.  Want to sell your art on mugs, t-shirts and iPad covers?  There are sites for that too.

So how does Artprintstopia fit into this?  At first glance you may be thinking this is just another online gallery.  In many regards that is true!  However, there is one big unique difference outside of the fact this is a curated gallery with a unique style.  It’s the only online gallery in the world offering prints mounted to bamboo, aluminum and acrylic using modern image mounting techniques.  We also offer a budget friendly gatorfoam option as well as just the print for those that want to use a traditional frame.  You can not purchase the prints of paintings, illustrations and photographers found here mounted on these unique materials anywhere else!

I’m very excited about this new project.  In my travels across the world over the next few years I look forward to meeting many talented artists and featuring their work here at Artprintstopia!  The first leg of my journey led me to the unique talent found in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and with my next journey to Panama I hope to discover many more terrific artists!

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