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Liz Ruest[Website] [Facebook] Liz grew up in Ontario among trees and rocks, with art and photography constant companions. Her collage work incorporates a warm color palette and a sense of history and age. Her degree in computer science, with electives in art, have come together again in this digital world. Travel, nature, or family photos are melded into layers or focal points:  “I combine images to create overlays, textures, and color in new combinations or with older pieces. Each of these steps has elements of spontaneity, speed, and even surprise, but the whole process takes time, and gives me the ability to shape the design, and appreciate the humor of how little I’m controlling the outcome.” Based in the Pacific Northwest since 1989, Liz’s work has been shown regionally and internationally since 2001, and is in private collections in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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