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  • Joe Italiano

    [Website]  When I first picked up a camera and began to teach myself to use it, I had little idea of what vision I had for my photography, only that I wanted to invoke some sort of response in others. And now, after years of being fortunate enough to travel across this magnificent land, to the far reaches of the earth with camera in tow, it has become my foremost desire to simply experience wild beauty, to immerse myself fully in it, and perhaps if I am present or conscious or inspired enough, to capture this fleeting splendor in a way that reflects and nurtures the innate wildness that exists both in nature and within ourselves. My hope is that by living and creating in this way my work will resonate deeply with other humans and inspire them to discover, understand, protect, embody and find joy in the other-than-human world that we cannot and would not want to live without.